8 Weeks with Gem


Included but not limited to -

- 8 weeks of workouts designed to stimulate muscle growth and decrease bodyfat

- New and improved cardio and circuit sessions

- 8 weeks of workouts using minimal equipment suitable for at home and in the gym

- Support from myself personally through the Facebook group should you need it

- Weekly check in

- Detailed explanation of how to work out your own calories and macros

- Learn how to track macros

- 3 full recipe books to keep you on track and your taste buds happy

- Support to ensure you have a healthy mind as well as a healthy body

- What to do if your progress plateaus

- Access to your own portal in our app so you can access everything you need, wherever you are

- Support like no other via our very own private Facebook group

- Flexible meal planner

- Follow along HIIT circuits


Plus much more!


Halifax, UK | gemma@gemmastanley.com

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