Is the Health Kick Over?

Hands up if you made a New Year's resolution based around health and fitness? 

Now keep your hand up if you've actually stuck to it!... Be honest!

A study done by shows that just 37% of 18-24 year olds actually make New Years resolutions. An even lower percentage of 25-49 year olds, at just 26%, decide to set themselves the New Year task. Is this because we get wiser as we get older? Maybe we realise that it's more beneficial to create smaller goals consistently throughout the year? Maybe we're just being totally honest with ourselves, perhaps we know that setting these January goals is a waste of time because 'dry January' will only last until 'Marjorie' invites you round to share the last of the Prosecco before it loses it's fizz?

But does all this mean that you have to give up on your January health kick, just because it's the end of the month? Hell no! The key to staying on track and hitting those goals time and time again is consistency, realism and patience. Ain't no one got time to spend 4 hours every Sunday prepping meals for the next week whilst doing the washing, cleaning the house and chasing after the dog who has just pinched a sock (true story!).

So to help you stay on track I've put together 3 of my top tips, that actually work.


Write them down, save them on your phone, do whatever you need to do in order for them to sink in, then put them in to practice!

1. Be Realistic

It's all well and good setting yourself the ultimate target of getting to the gym 6 times per week, eating on plan every single day and not being tempted by the sushi bar every time you walk past. But when life throws you a curve ball (and it will!) you have to learn to be realistic. A smaller goal of working out 4 times each week is more than enough, find yourself an effective workout that can be done at home (like this one), increase your steps throughout the day by taking the stairs and not the lift and choose the healthier options if you have to grab something on the go. As a general rule of thumb, the more colour and variety of vegetables something has, the better!

2. Find what Motivates YOU

This is quite a simple one, why do YOU want to exercise or eat a certain way? Does it make you happy? If not try something else! You don't like going to the gym, that's absolutely fine. Find a class, go hiking, take a friend along with you. Exercising should be enjoyable not a chore. 

3. Be Prepared

I'm not just talking about food, although this is a very important part. I'm also referring to the equipment you might need in the gym. Make sure you pack everything that you're going to use the night before, prepare your meals, create a playlist, charge your headphones and plan your workout! If you need a little inspiration, Instagram is a great place for short and effective training routines, just be sure to follow one that has been created by a fully qualified coach!


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